Welcome to Elora Mill

There's Excitement in the Air!

The creation of this website means that we're getting closer and closer to the opening of the Elora Mill. We want to share this process with the Elora community and everyone who has come to adore the town of Elora over the years. The grand re-opening of Elora Mill Hotel & Spa is scheduled for spring 2018.

Bookmark this page, as we promise to bring you photos and information of the work being done each step of the way. After all, milestones are meant to be shared. We will also introduce you to our partners who have been major contributors to this project.

Elora is a beautiful town with so much to explore and learn, and we are very excited to be a part of the community here. There is so much to see and do – it's pretty amazing! Please visit our friends at Elora Fergus Tourism if you would like more information on the town or on upcoming events in the area. 

A bit of background info...

Elora Mill Hotel & Spa was acquired by Pearle Hospitality in December 2010. The site was closed to undergo an extensive revitalization plan. Once re-opened, it will host a restaurant, luxury spa and boutique inn, and will reclaim its place as a premier destination in the Elora area. Pearle Hospitality has also purchased some land on the South side of the Grand River. This area will be developed with a hotel, restaurants and residential and commercial spaces. More information on the south side project can be found here.


Elora Mill Hotel & Spa is an important landmark in the community, and with a revitalization plan this big, it goes without saying that we've fostered some great partnerships to ensure this project is a success. For the development of the Elora Mill, we've partnered with Hicks Partners. Bill Hicks recently worked on a project with Pearle Hospitality to renovate the clubhouse at Whistle Bear Golf Club (completed in June 2014). For development of the South side, we've partnered with Page + Steele Architects. Page + Steele are a distinguished Canadian firm focused on the design of mixed use developments. We'll provide you with more information on these partners and others in the weeks and months to come.

Welcome to the new Elora Mill! We invite you along on this exciting journey with us.