Green Initiatives
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Environmental Responsibility

The building design and construction of Elora Mill will be state-of-the-art, putting green initiatives at the forefront. Pearle Hospitality employs a number of energy efficient technologies, including heat recovery ventilation systems, high efficiency appliances, LED lighting throughout as well as dedicated training for our team members to better manage their utilities.

Energy Recovery Ventilation

This setup captures 85 per cent of the heat exhaust from the kitchen and uses it to pre-heat both the domestic hot water and the building’s make-up air. This means that the hot water heaters — already 96 per cent efficient — heat water that’s already at 95 degrees.

The Small Details Matter

Large building systems get all the attention, but small energy saving tweaks are equally exciting, such as herb and vegetable gardens, motion-sensitive lights and fans and on-demand ovens. Details like these are considered at every stage of the design and construction. 

The Power Plant

Constructed on the footprint of an old 19th century station, the new power plant will harness the hydro generating potential of the Grand River. Once complete, it will have a capacity of one megawatt (MW) and annually produce 3,800 MW hours of renewable energy.

Earth to Table: The Farm

The Farm is an extension of Pearle Hospitality's Earth to Table food philosophy. With a group of restaurants that focus on creating a connection with farming and creating a menu that highlights the best that each season has to offer, The Farm was the natural progression.

Sitting on 100 acres in Flamborough, Ontario, The Farm is a FarmStart Incubator site and home to The Butchery, where our Artisan Butcher hand selects and dry-ages our Craft Cut Premium Steak for our restaurants. A fun and educational environment, The Farm welcomes class trips and educational programs, helping to link “earth” to “table.”

Though still in its early stages, The Farm has already begun to supply our restaurants with fruits and vegetables and the recent planting of seedlings is the first step toward The Orchard, which will feature Canada's heritage fruit trees.

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