Elora Awaits
A historic past, a promising future

About Elora Mill Hotel & Spa

What once was... will forever be. A part of the Elora community for over 175 years, Elora Mill Hotel & Spa honours the footprint of the land by giving the right of way to nature itself. Intended to respect rather than disturb, this historical landmark has been redesigned to match its surroundings in beauty and impact. 

Building illustration(colour)

History of Elora Mill

As Canada was settling in the 1800s, mills played a pivotal role in the way the country developed, both socially and economically.

Alongside major waterways, and built of solid limestone foundations, mills have represented a connection to Canada’s industrial past. As a hub for socializing and trading, they became the cornerstone of a thriving community.

From 1851-1859, J.M. Fraser had Elora Mill hand-built by labourers from Scotland. In 1859, the first of two devastating fires destroyed the mill and it subsequently changed hands to Ross & Company, where it was rebuilt and the site extended to become a gristmill, sawmill, wool factory and shops.

In 1944, the Elora Mill was sold to NR. Drimmie & Sons, who operated it as Drimmie Mill, where grain was sold and the granary used for grain storage. By this point, Elora had become the centre for the farming community, one local farmers would frequent to trade grains and buy seed for their livestock.

The Elora Mill opened as an inn for the first time in 1975, under the ownership of Andrew Panchuk and David Silverman. After changing ownership several times, the Elora Mill site was left in a state of extensive deterioration.

It was then, in 2010, that Aaron Ciancone – Owner and President of Pearle Hospitality – rescued the property from bankruptcy.

After six years of intensive modern-day planning and design, the Elora Mill began its next transformation.

Building upon its century-and-a-half-old foundation and stone walls, applying original craftsmanship and raw materials, Elora Mill Hotel & Spa opened on July 6th, 2018, giving new life to this iconic building once again.

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