Feast On

Elora Mill is proud to be a Feast On® certified restaurant with Ontario Culinary Tourism.

Feast On® is a certification program that recognizes businesses committed to sourcing Ontario grown and made food and drink.

As a Feast On® Certified business, we commit to:

  • Procure Ontario food and drink whenever possible
  • Identify the provenance of Ontario food and drink on the menu
  • Track and trace Ontario food and drink purchases
  • Develop Ontario’s culinary identity by championing local, seasonal products
  • Educate the public about Ontario food and drink

Feast On® operates as a social enterprise managed by the Culinary Tourism Alliance with the goal to increase access and awareness of quality local products for those who offer consumers a certified taste of Ontario.

They make it easy for travelers and locals alike to identify restaurants and experiences that showcase Ontario grown and made ingredients. Through their programming, they connect chefs directly to farmers to support the development of sustainable local sourcing systems. As a result, the program acts as a pan-provincial platform from which chefs, farmers and diners can share Ontario’s local food identity.