The Elora Mill Culinary Team

As it is in your home, our kitchen is the centre and the heart of the Elora Mill. No matter where you are coming from, the drive to Elora takes you through some of Ontario’s prettiest countryside and its richest farmland. The emphasis on what is wonderful and bountiful has created phenomenal artisans across our region.

These past few years have given us time to pause and reflect on what is truly important, they have reminded us to be grateful for what is around us and how it came to be. We are grateful for our distinct seasons that with harvests and weather inevitably shift how and what we are in the mood to eat. We are grateful for the history of the area, what has been established to grow here, how it was treated and stored and how everyone that came before us to settle, to plant, to cook and to nurture has now become a distinct part of who we are.

We are inspired by the charming rusticity of countryside cuisines like Northern Italy and the South of France where eating is not only a celebration of the delicately and simply prepared ingredient in front of you but also what you might choose to drink with it, who you are with and the easy atmosphere that comes from fresh air and getting out of the city.

These past two years have seen the development and establishing the new model of hospitality in the kitchen  at the Elora Mill – an incredible team was formed through the pandemic as restaurants closed and new opportunities arose. Our talented culinary team headed by Executive Chef Dacha Markovic has been formed through decades of experience with one another creating a unique and family-like bond.  Our kitchen fosters development, freedom, support, personal growth and creativity. Our chefs and team work collaboratively with one another, with our farm, farmers and artisans in the area to create and bring the cuisine of Southern Ontario and the Elora Mill to life.

Enjoy every thoughtful and delicious bite from breakfast in bed to lunch on our patio or in our restaurant overlooking the gorge. But if you are in the mood to get to know us: consider making a reservation at our Kitchen Counter to experience a tasting menu that will have you spending an evening with our team, discovering new dishes in creation, celebrating the best that is around us and all while feeling as though you were just at the most enchanting dinner party.

We look forward to seeing you soon.