Body Treatments

  • Eternal Glow Body Treatment

    TONE, HYDRATE, SMOOTHE. This Icelandic-inspired treatment stimulates the natural repair processes in the skin by activating the EGF proteins which induce collagen & elastin production. This experience is best suited for those looking to increase circulation, receive deep hydration, and strengthen the skin barrier, resulting in smoother, softer skin. 60 minutes - $275 (Mon - Thurs) | $295 (Fri - Sun)

  • Meso Infusion Hydration Body Treatment

    HYDRATE, VOLUMIZE, QUENCH. Our most thoroughly hydrating treatment, this body experience draws upon the treatment range to leave the skin saturated with moisture. A thorough massage allows the body to draw natural water from deep within the skin, while the formula is rich in hyaluronic acid that holds water at the surface for a dewy, quenched appearance. This luxurious experience is ideal for frequent fliers or city dwellers whose skin suffers due to harsh water. 60 minutes - $225 (Mon - Thurs) | $245 (Fri - Sun)

  • Rose Quartz Restorative Body Treatment

    SOOTHE, SCULPT, ILLUMINATE. A unique, decadent experience that cocoons the body and mind, this calming massage harnesses the healing powers of rose quartz crystals to restore positive energy and infuse the skin with radiance. A combination of our Intensive and Radiance products work to simultaneously firm and nourish the body, utilizing the restorative and illuminating properties of rose and gold extracts to result in with the most incredible glowing skin. 60 minutes - $275 (Mon - Thurs) | $295 (Fri - Sun)

  • The Original Dramatic Healing Treatment

    RESTORE, FORTIFY, HEAL. This luxury treatment stimulates the natural repair processes of the skin with our clinical blend of active ingredients. The Original Dramatic Healing Treatment is a heavenly body experience, designed to strengthen and replenish the body’s own reparative processes. This is perfect for fragile, sensitive, damaged skin, or stressed skin. 60 minutes - $375 (Mon - Thurs) | $395 (Fri - Sun)

  • Celestial Black Diamond Sculpting Treatment

    LIFT, TIGHTEN, NOURISH Opulent and indulgent, this powerful body treatment delivers dramatic results from 111SKIN’s Intensive range to shape, smooth, and saturate skin with nourishment. Through signature massage techniques and potent professional formulas, lymphatic drainage is encouraged, and skin is firmed. The result is a smoother, sculpted, and more radiant looking figure. 90 minutes - $475 (Mon - Thurs) | $495 (Fri - Sun)

Prices are subject to change.

Variable pricing for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays will take effect March 1st, 2023.