Facial Treatments

  • Elora Blend Facial

    SMOOTH, SCULPT, NOURISH. A personalized treatment designed to incorporate all the greatest elements from our award winning facials. Incorporating 4 different types of facial massage with deep infusion of anti-aging ingredients, the skin is awakened and revitalized. It's the perfect facial treatment for those looking for ultimate relaxation and dramatically lifted results. 60 minutes - $200 (Mon - Thurs) | $220 (Fri - Sun)

  • Original Dramatic Healing Facial

    RESTORE, FORTIFY, HEAL. The Original Dramatic Healing facial harnesses 111SKIN’s signature NAC Y2 complex to strengthen the epidermal barrier and prevent further inflammation. Using a combination of restorative ingredients from our reparative range, the facial also targets simple skin issues such as dryness, dehydration, sensitivity, and rosacea for skin that feels and looks truly comforted. 60 minutes - $275 (Mon - Thurs) | $295 (Fri - Sun)

  • Meso Infusion Hydration Facial

    HYDRATE, VOLUMIZE, CONTOUR. Created to address all skin types that require hydration, volumizing and brightening, the Meso Infusion Hydration Facial draws upon our treatment collection to provide a dewy glow and youthful plump to the skin. Ideal for frequent fliers, party goers, and severely dehydrated skin, this facial replenishes the complexion with moisture and luminosity. 60 minutes - $225 (Mon - Thurs) | $245 (Fri - Sun)

  • Rose Quartz Restorative Facial

    SMOOTH, SCULPT, SOOTHE. This facial combines powerful restorative properties with the most innovative formulas to lift, firm, and sculpt the complexion. Using a multi-layered approach to facial massage, including the signature massage technique and rose quartz stone massage, this treatment is designed to relax and soothe the mind while alleviating irritation within inflamed skin. The result is a rested and restored glow. 60 minutes - $300 (Mon - Thurs) | $320 (Fri - Sun)

  • Clarity Anti-Blemish Facial

    PURIFY, REFINE, CALM. A targeted treatment for problematic skin, this treatment features a highly intelligent mask system which utilizes the exclusive 111SKIN Facial Architecture method. A selection from our Clarity range, including the Anti-Blemish Infusion and Anti-Blemish Bio Cellulose Facial Treatment Mask combine active ingredients to dissolve dead skin cells and calm inflammation. The skin is left with a clear complexion with refined, polished skin. 60 minutes - $250 (Mon - Thurs) | $270 (Fri - Sun)

  • Celestial Black Diamond Non-Surgical Face Lift

    LIFT, FIRM, TIGHTEN. Our most comprehensive anti-ageing facial, this luxurious experience harnesses 111SKIN’s most potent collection, the Intensive range, to encourage a youthful, sculpted, and firmer appearance. A series of thoroughly active steps, including the brands accelerated peel and antioxidant-rich formulas are aided through diamond absorption. A combination of the wrinkle minimizing wand massage and signature massage technique ensure the skin is fresh and taut, sculpting along the natural contours of the face for a truly lifted, youthful appearance. 90 minutes - $425 (Mon - Thurs) | $445 (Fri - Sun)

  • Eternal Glow Facial

    RESTORE, STRENGTHEN, GLOW. Our mission is to restore and maintain the skin’s natural youthfulness and vitality through healthy, pure ingredients and truly effective advancements in skincare using biotechnology. A facial for even the most sensitive skin types using clean, green, and minimal ingredients. Achieve glowing, strong skin using plant-based ingredients. 60 minutes - $185 (Mon - Thurs) | $205 (Fri - Sun)

  • Eternal Glow with Oxygen

    ANTI-AGING, VOLUME, GLOW All the benefits of Eternal Glow but with the addition of hyperbaric oxygen for additional healing & anti-aging properties. Increase skin volume and restore vitality with additional water loving skin care ingredients so skin can blossom for days to come. 90 minutes - $275 (Mon - Thurs) | $295 (Fri - Sun)

  • Intraceuticals Signature Facial

    HYDRATE, REJUVENATE, NOURISH. Luxury meets technology. The Intraceuticals Signature Facial deeply cleanses and balances without distressing the skin. A deep pore cleanse is followed by a skin refining mask with extractions. Oxygen powers advanced hyaluronic technology, with antioxidants and vitamins to enhance skin volume and deeply hydrate all skin types. Perfect to cool and calm stressed skin from snow or sun or simply reset the travel weary and overworked. 60 minutes - $250 (Mon - Thurs) | $270 (Fri - Sun)

  • Intraceuticals Oxygen Peptide Lift

    VOLUME, LIFT, TIGHTEN. This non-invasive treatment delivers advanced and potent actives to give you optimal and rapid results. Collagen peptides power volume for instant lift and visible tightening. A deep pore cleanse is followed by a skin refining mask with extractions. Oxygen influences skin collagen boosting and smoothing peptides to target the appearance of expression lines around the eyes, lips and forehead while enhancing overall volume, hydration and vitality. 90 minutes - $325 (Mon - Thurs) | $345 (Fri - Sun)

Prices are subject to change.

Variable pricing for Friday, Saturday, Sunday and holidays will take effect March 1st, 2023. 

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